Another Proud BFS-er

It’s always great to see the gnarliest sailors on the planet flying the BFS colors! There are lots of “sailors” out there – but there are only a small handful of the elite Big Freakin’ Sailors. And Erik Aanderaa is definitely the latter. He goes out in conditions that would make most men cry.

If you haven’t followed Erik’s adventures in the North Sea you are seriously missing out. This guy is not only an incredible sailor, but a great photographer and story-teller to boot.

Check out his channel. This is what it’s all about…

SailGP Anarchy

Mercy me – I walked into yet another hornet’s nest in yet another sailing forum! And this one has been a doozy!

Last month, I stumbled across the inaugural season of SailGP, a brand-spanking-new and just stupidly exciting global grand prix sailing series. It’s an elite annual series, much like NFL or F1, that grew out of the brilliant ACWS from when BMW-Oracle (Larry Ellison and Russell Coutts) held the reigns during AC34-35 . Those guys clearly knew what they were doing – and saw the incredible value they’d created. So, they blew off the AC and built SailGP. And this thing is mind-blowing!

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