The Smackboys' Adventures

The Smackboys' Adventures

To you Alicia. We love you and miss you desparately. Someday, we'll find you out there.

Steve and The Boys

October 2013

The Smackboys 150-Mile Offshore Delivery

This was the boys' first time off-shore. And it was freakin' EPIC! Some of the biggest conditions I've seen in all my racing. Everything from big swells, to seasickness, to 30-knot squalls, to dead calms, to playful dolphins.

Enjoy our adventure! We sure did!

(Pearson 365 Ketch. Port Aransas to Galveston. Winds 15-20 knots SSE, abating throughout Saturday night. Cold front expected Sunday afternoon. It was early.)

Stay tuned for more BFS adventures!