Smack of The Month

The Saddest Day of a Sailor's Life...I Was Horribly Wrong.

On March 10, 2013 while returning from a weekend gathering at the family ranch we were involved in a head-on collision. My beautiful, angelic wife of 20 years, Alicia, was at the wheel and died at the scene. Our two young boys, 12 and 9, in the back seat, miraculously escaped with minor injuries. I thank God for their survival. I had some serious damage to my left arm but, it turns out, nothing life-threatening.

I am overwhelmed with sorrow. I can't describe it. I can't write about it. It's too much.

We loved each other so deeply. We loved to sail together with our kids. We loved life.

She will always be to us as she was in this photo - smiling, sun and wind in her hair, urging me on. 

She was my treasure.

Alicia - I am utterly broken. I am lost without you. Lost.

But I will stay the course we set for our boys. I will do everything I possibly can to see them through. Just stay close to us - with that beautiful smile, those amazing blue eyes...we'll get there someday...I promise.

I love you sweetie.