The BFS Legend

BFS, or Big Freakin' Sails (note for morons: the verb, not the noun), got its start a while back in an online sailing forum. In short, it was a simple invitation for sailors everywhere to tell the stories of their biggest sailing adventures through rambling yarns, photos, videos, lies, and smack talk.

See BFS is about the kind of sailing that pushes your limits. It's about those times on the boat that you were scared out of your mind - but came through it just fine...discovering a new level of confidence and passion. It's about excitement, adventure, challenge. It's about sailing at its finest...kind of like this:

Whether you're a newbie or a salt, a racer or a daysailor, in a dinghy or a maxi, a mono or a've got BFS. For some, it means the very first sail in 15 knots of wind or a first charter in the islands. For others, it means a flat-out bashfest with 20 skiffs on a tight course. And for others still, it means another leisurely lap around Cape Horn or a full circumnavigation. It's all BFS...and we want to hear about yours.

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