The Rules

Our primary goal for the BFS Global Regatta is for it to simply be about fun. The point is for you to take your boat out and enjoy taking part in an underground, informal race against other sailors...both in your area and around the world. And, to that end, we want to avoid all the nit picky arguing and protesting that makes "match racing" such a drag.

So if you're a whiney protestor-type that carries a calculator to prove his wins, this regatta probably isn't for you.

That said, here are the few rules we do have:

1. BFS Global Regatta Courses are established by 3 latitude/longitude "marks" on any navigable body of water. The courses can be a Short Course (5 nautical miles), or a Long Course (10 nautical miles), or a combination of both if the body of water will accommodate them. Some bodies of water, for example, may be too small to accommodate a 10 nm course. Below is an example of the Long Course for the Philadelphia-PA/Delaware-River area:

2. Each GR course must contain a combination of ONE physical marker (channel marker, fixed racing mark, buoy, can, etc.) and TWO GPS markers. If no physical markers are available, you may use THREE GPS markers. But you MAY NOT use more than ONE physical marker on any course.

3. Each City/Body-Of-Water combination can only have 1 set of courses (e.g. - a Long Course of 10 nm and/or a Short Course of 5 nm). For example, the Chesapeake Bay can have multiple sets of courses close to various cities surrounding it. But Annapolis, MD can only have one set of GR courses on the Chesapeake Bay.

4. Once the marks have been established, the course or courses will not change. The only modifications that will occur will be in cases where safety and/or navigability issues arise with a particular course.

5. All courses are submitted by sailors in their respective sailing areas*. Submissions are made via the leading sailing forums here:


We've done it this way so people can debate the courses as much as they want to make sure that the courses are the best, most equitable, and safest possible configurations.

*Be advised that and its parent company Mere Productions, Inc. neither select nor verify these courses - and cannot be held responsible or liable in any way for their accuracy and/or safety. It is the sole responsibility of each and every participant to confirm the accuracy and/or safety of any course prior to racing on it. (Full disclaimer here.)

6. You MUST use a GPS device in your race that has the ability to track your course and time, and output GPX files for this data. Your entries in the BFS Global Regatta will be with these files - which will tell us all the info we need to score the races. You can submit your GPX files by emailing them here. You can submit as many as you'd like as your time keeps improving. We will not accept any other form of time submission.

7. You can run the course in any direction, starting at any mark you choose. However, the track from your GPX file must clearly show clearance around all marks. If you miss a mark, your entry will not count. Remember that GPS devices do have some margin of error. So stay frosty!

8. The BFS Global Regatta community can call "BS" on any entry via the sailing forums listed above. You will have the ability to flag entries that just don't smell right. Though that entry will not necessarily be deleted, it will be marked with a "BSterisk" - kind of like Barry Bonds' home run record. And this allows for good brawls which are the underbelly of great sailing.

9. All complaints, discussions, protests, trash-talk, etc. will happen via the sailing forums listed above. We'll keep an eye on the threads - and join in when it gets really crazy.

10. You must agree to all the rules, disclaimers and special regulations governing the BFS Global Regatta upon the creation of your account. Yachting is dangerous. And you must understand and agree that you are taking part in these races at your own risk and responsibility.