Give BFS Gear to a friend - and we'll give a Big Freakin' Sail to a lucky, young punk!
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Announcing the "Teach a Punk to Sail" Scholarship Program!
This effort is us putting our money where our mouth is by providing a $150 (USD) "scholarship" to some lucky punk who wants to learn to sail but doesn't have the means. How else are we going to get the next generation hooked, right?

Here's how it works:

1. The punk must be nominated by a customer who has purchased at least $50 worth of BFS crap. That keeps out the riffraff.

2. The nominated punk has to be between 10 and 16 years old to qualify.

3. Send us an email detailing the punk's story. Tell us why he/she qualifies for the scholarship and why you're nominating him/her. AND include a link to the sailing school he/she wishes to attend. We'll check out the school and make sure it's legit.

4. If the punk qualifies, if the school rates, and if the parents approve - the sailing school gets a juicy check and the punk gets some lessons. And we'll even throw in some BFS crap to celebrate.

5. We award the inaugural TAPTS Scholarship in May of each year. So all nominations have to be in by March 1. Don't miss out!

As a cherry on top, make sure to get pics of the lesson so that the punk can score a Featured Throw Down. And as always, be ready to give us permission to use the story, images, video, nickname, etc.

This is just our way of giving back to our Big Freakin' Customers and the sailing world in general.

So let's give this a shot. Even punks love a good BFS!